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Itchy Fish is currently seeking new scripts for 2019. We are particularly interested in receiving feature length scripts for our micro budget film fund L.I.F.F.


Script Criteria  

Essentially we take on projects we believe in, can get behind, develop and ultimately sell. Each script must have innovation, originality and marketability. When assessing your script we will be looking at the following elements: Pacing, structure, depth of story, quality of dialogue, interesting character's and if the script manages to keep a level of interest on every page.


Securing distribution will be a key driver in whether we option the script. We will then spend up to one year in development and a further 1-2 years producing the film. Distributors will look for the following elements: Genre, Hook, Stars, Known Source & Originality.


Scripts must fall into any of the following Genre’s:

Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Factual, Horror, Comedy Horror, Thriller

In the first instance we would ask that you send a 1-2 page synopsis of your screenplay. We will then get back in touch if we would like to see the full script and consider for acquisition.


Rules Of Aquisitions

No first drafts please

No hand written scripts

No unsolicited script

No short films all  scripts should be over 85 pages in length

Please ensure correct formatting. Scripts received in an incorrect format   will be returned unread.


Due to the volume of scripts we receive we do not have the resources to provide  a script  report service so any scripts received requiring this service will immediately be returned.



Please address e-mail for the attention of:

Itchy Fish Submissions Department