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E-Luv - an internet romance

What happens when online dating appeals more than a real life encounter, when cybersex is more satisfying than the real thing, and when the boundaries of fantasy and reality blur beyond recognition?


All these questions, and more, are answered in e-luv. Written by Dave Roberts its a compelling tale of cyber romance, cyber cheating, cyber weddings, and the glorious fantasy land of cybersex (where literally anything is possible). Follow Trevor, and his cyber persona, Lord Brett Sinclair, along a 3-year marathon of online flirting, dating and fornicating. Share the highs and lows of an unmitigated obsession with the internet, a gradual disconnection from reality, and the hazards of 'reply all', intimate photography and unpleasant packages in the post.

e-luv: an internet romance is a witty and excruciatingly honest story that explores the dark world of internet addiction.


"Entertaining, funny and very addictive."

   Chris Pascoe author of Death, Destruction and a Packet of Peanuts and A Cat Called Birmingham